About Us

At Acacia Rise, our teachers facilitate the development of every child’s dynamic thinking so that they can solve problems, generate hypotheses, make critical analyses and develop meaningful relationships.
Each day at Acacia Rise is designed to develop specific dynamic processes within specific academic areas.
Even as we teach basic skills, our focus is on guiding each child to perceive, relate, integrate, plan and problem solve.
Our teachers will work closely with families so that there is an integration of school and home, where parents will follow through on the objectives set up for the child.

What we Encourage

• A culture of reflection and analysis.
• Responsibility for their own learning and the formation of meaningful relationships.
• Ability to plan, hypothesize, prepare and predict.

Our Approach

• Teachers will facilitate self-discovery via exploration. Children will be given opportunities to observe, experiment, review, develop hypotheses, make predictions and test hypotheses and/or predictions.
• Teachers will set up challenges to encourage problem solving, where each child will be given the chance to come up with ideas of managing obstacles.
• Teachers will provide projects of differing scale and scope with the intention of giving each child the chance to plan, execute and review.
• Teachers, in the way they facilitate discovery and manage their pacing will provide the child with opportunities for reflection.

Admission Criteria

Child has parents/ guardians who
• Want to be involved in guiding their child through life.
• Are interested in their child learning to think dynamically.
• Value a partnership with their child’s school.